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January 23, 2015
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Thank You!

A message from Beth, of BallaRatCat:

Comedy fans of Ballarat, supporters of live comedy, esteemed comedians and the community at large, ladies and gentleman, boys and girls,




I’ve had SUCH a great time providing laughs this year, but it is by no means a one woman show, and I have a few people I wish to thank:

The George Hotel: Gary, Mel, Paul, Liam, Leah, Andy and ALL the bartenders, waiters, chefs, baristas and support staff that make this place such a supportive, friendly and wonderful venue for comedy. Thank You!

Gerard McCulloch: The man who provides voice-overs, who drives comedians up the highway, who books most of them for the gig, and so much more. The room has gained a great reputation, and I have a lot to thank you for. Thank You!

Tim Lamont: My wonderful husband, my business and finance manager, friendly man on the door and all-round super-star. Tim is my biggest supporter and puts so much into this venture, all while running his own business as well! Thank You!

Comedians: A huge thanks to each and every one of the comedians, improvisers and performers, most of whom travelled a long way to be with us, I always appreciate the effort you guys and girls put in, and I always enjoy your observations on life and, naturally, all the jokes. Thank You!

Volunteers: Michelle and Rueben, who have helped out on the door on our bigger shows, you were an enormous help and made sure everyone had a good experience, which is, essentially, the whole point of the thing. Thank You!

Babysitters: Whilst my kids are big supporters of this business, and often get up and tell jokes while I’m setting up (and inspire me to put on kids shows!), they cannot yet come along to most of the shows, so I really want to thank Amelia, Lyndall and my Mum for taking good care of them when I can’t be there. Thank You!

The Ballarat Media & Organisations: Thank You to The Courier, Power FM, ABC Local Radio, Ballarat Regional Tourism, Commerce Ballarat, Her Majesty’s Theatre, LBWR, and all the shops, cafes and local businesses who have let me put a poster in a window, flyers on a bench or have helped me spread the word.

Thank YOU, yes, YOU, reading this… for reading this (and getting this far). To everyone who has come along and had a laugh, to those of you who have brought a friend along or told someone about it, to those who love comedy… THANK YOU!

Lastly, if you have 5 minutes, would you please take our quick survey and share your thoughts? THANK YOU!

Merry Holidays and Jolly New Year, everyone, I’ll see you in February!

Beth Lamont


Right… someone get me a beach chair and a cocktail.

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